Energy Healing | Spiritual Healing

Energy/spiritual healing is a form of healing that is practiced all over the world. It is a gentle process of hands on healing where the deep traumatic patters, karmic issues, dysfunctional beliefs and toxic relationships are released by loosening and letting go of the blockages held within the body and its energy field. Clearing the energy in and around the body helps to calm the nervous system, untangle the inner chaos and feel more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically. During the healing spiritual guidance is available to inspire you and to allow deeper connection to your true self. You will experience higher frequency states of peace, love and compassion while letting go of fear, anger and stress.

I use various modalities to help you feel lighter, more relaxed and balanced, including touch for health kinesiology, chakra healing, colours and sounds.

If you have never experienced energy healing before you may just feel very peaceful, harmonious and able to focus more clearly straight after the session.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Most people have experienced some form of counselling in their lives, be it with a counsellor, a friend who is there to listen and provide support, or a loving family member who has your best interests at heart.

Emotion-focused counselling and psychotherapy offer a gentle, empathic and holistic approach to helping you explore your inner world, the emotions that hijack your balance and happiness, and identify and heal the roots of your emotional and mental pain. I love this approach as it has allowed me to integrate many skills, techniques and knowledge areas. It is evidence based and founded in decades of psychological research.



Hypnotherapy has allowed me to help hundreds of people let go of their unwanted habits and limiting beliefs. It is a solution-oriented therapy helping you achieve results in a short period of time. If you are looking for a way to tap into the unconscious patterns governing your life hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool.

There are programs for you that have been proven time and time again to help you achieve great results.


Channelled / Intuitive Drawings

Once I connect with you during a session I trust my intuition to create a drawing with information for you and your soul's journey.

Each drawing is unique and contains the elements of sacred geometry relevant to you and you alone. The inspiration comes from your soul and angelic guides looking after you. The drawings are filled with love and light, messages spirit wants you to receive. They may not be easily interpreted in the realm of words and left brain analytical thinking but are truly appealing to your heart and the creative aspect of you.

Here are some examples, if you are curious and would like to receive your own, please give me a call.

I am grateful for your guidance and healing. When I found you online and saw you for a session I had an immediate result and I knew you were going to be the key to my process. While it took me another 4/5yrs to gain the courage to reach out again, you were able to help me start the process of healing from my stroke and bigger than that healing the trauma in my life.

I am grateful for your knowledge and your skills that you use to lead the class through the material and navigate difficult conversations with love and compassion. I'm also grateful for your healing skills that I've experienced first hand. Thank you for being you and coming into my life and starting my journey of healing. You have helped me to come this far and for that I'm very grateful. Thank you for sharing your energy, love and strength with us especially in these times because its great to have someone who constantly reenforces and lives what we need to focus on and also be a sounding board for our fears and frustrations.

Tracy T. - May 2021
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