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Each and every one of us has an aura - it is our energy field that surrounds the body. Our thoughts, emotions, events in our lives, past and present, create different energetic patterns within the aura. Using modern technology we can now capture the images of these patterns in a colourful display.

The colours tell a story about the person, the challenges they may face and the important aspects for healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The images of your aura offer an excellent way to see the areas where the imbalances occur. They can point to any blockages within the flow of energy connecting mind, body and emotions to the experiences you are having in your life at this very moment. When the aura is balanced we feel a sense of peace and wellbeing, a deeper knowing that we are on the right path and all is well. Any imbalances in the inner and outer world disturb this equilibrium.

In addition, you will be able to see the chakras and how well they are functioning which will reflect your current situation. The aura photography provides a wonderful insight into your energetic landscape. There is so much more to our body and the energy that flows in and around it than we can perceive with a naked eye. I invite you to try it for yourself and be amazed.

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